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Long Way to Nord and back. Part 3

Ремарка для штурпаків - пишу на англ.м бо в цій подорожі ми проїхали 9 (дев"ять) країн, люди з яких також читатимуть цю писанину, а оскільки мої філологічні здібності обмежуються не багатьма мовами тому використовую ту іноземну мову, яку більш-менш знаю (звичайно не без допомоги гугл транслейтора), і ту, яку більшість розуміє!!!

I continue to tell our story, and now we are moving from Berlin to the north-west to Hamburg! but wait - we WANTED to go to Hamburg! So what happened, see below!
6.5 hours we stood in the way when moving from Berlin, our hands refused to portray the hitchhiking gesture, feet ached, we was hungry!(: Suddenly stops car, barefoot man comes out and says, let's go!! We sit down into  the car, the man says, that he does not go exactly to Hamburg, but the half way we can go with them. His name was Gert. After several tens of kilometers, Gert said that he changed his plan and wants to go to his friends in Kalkhorst (north Germany on the Baltic Sea) and offered to go with him. We agreed. The rest story are in pictures

Long way to the Nord and back - Part 2 - Germany, Kalkhorst (Part 1Part 2)

We arrived on the coast at night, we were swimming in the night sea, and after that we went to sleep.

   in the morning!  

At dinner we arrived to the friends of Gert. They live in a beautiful place near the forest, and I was impressed of their house!
I do not know how to explain my feelings, I just say - I was free!

very interesting wooden sculpture of trees, which, I think, represents the relationship between family members (the whole sculpture is not visible in the photo)



pet (((:

Gert helped in the household

I want to introduce for you this wonderful woman - is Lina 

and her husband, a great man - Steffen 

inside home 

German dinner


 Zoryana helped Lina with onions and I chopped wood 

Steffen and Gert gathered apples(((:

Steffen, Lina and Gert asked us to cook traditional Ukrainian dish - we cooked but not one, but the whole Ukrainian dinner - borshch and varenyky((:

They really liked it!!! And for me it was the first experience of cooking on firewood, and it was something incredible!

The lake near the house

Every week they bake bread in this kiln for a several families

Children of Steffan and Lina (the boy on the rigth and high girl on the left) and neighbors childrens.

the next day In the nearby village was market day, so we went there. it was interesting! but my mood little spoiled by an incident with a dog - the dog has bitten me pretty badly by the hand.  Gert insisted that we went to the doctor, I agreed. The doctor made ​​me vaccinated, not taking any money from me! Thanks Gert!

handmade carousel

Steffan's brother, he is a blacksmith

This guy spoke Russian, and he lived in Ukraine ((((:

Steffan and his neighbors do not use tractors to harvest, they usehorses!


Steffan uses these horses, they are very strong and big, but we eventried to ride them

leaving Lina's and Steffan's house


 Thank you Lina, Steffan and Gert! it was incredible 3 days in our journey!  

This is the end of part 3

to be continued

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